Instructions to master the art of shaving


If you are among those who seem perfectly satisfied with a plain and simple shave every morning, performed with a single blade shaver and shaving cream from an aerosol can, do not fret - you are part of the great majority of males, who do not require much fanfare to accomplish their daily grooming ritual. However, to successfully finish your morning routine, in the “nick” of time, does require a somewhat impeccable technique and a substantial selection of essential products. Would you like to learn all the steps you must follow and the “must haves” you need in your daily shaving kit to master the art of shaving?

BEFORE SHAVING - Preparing your facial skin before shaving is a basic need in order to maintain it smooth and healthy, no matter whether you use an electric shaver or a manual blade. To shave sensitive unprepared skin daily is the equivalent of submitting it to continuous physical abuse, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to condition it properly with the suitable products designed specifically for this purpose. You must start by applying an exfoliating lotion which needs to be washed off with hot water, to soften the skin and make it pliable. This must be followed by the application of facial oils, solely created to soften the hair while opening the pores on your cheekbones and cheeks - make certain that the oils you purchase contain antibacterial agents to prevent irritations in case of nicks or deeper cuts.

DURING THE SHAVING PROCESS - Shaving creams and/or lotions are the agents which avoid the direct contact of the shaving blades with the skin on your face, as they serve to hydrate and smooth the dermis. The experts’ trick, to obtain truly professional results, is to massage the cream or lotion against the growth pattern of the facial hair with a good shaving brush.

SHAVING BLADES - The very effective electric shavers are very easy and simple to use, and, above all, extremely fast. Their best advantage is that nicks and cuts are practically eliminated as opposed to disposable blades, which cut too close to the skin. On the other hand, disposable shavers and razor blades achieve closer - almost professional - shaves. However, we said “almost professional” because, without the expertise of a master barber, your beard is likely to be shaven at unsuitable angles which tend to encourage painful ingrown hairs.

AFTER SHAVING - All perfectly accomplished shaves have one thing in common: a good cosmetic session to soothe and relax the skin after its exposure to sharp blades. Balsams, loaded with vitamins, essential oils, or aloe vera, are perfect for rehydrating the dermis and, contrary to most aftershave lotions, do not contain alcohol, which causes irritation and drying.

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