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The aim of The Well Groomed Gentleman’s new magazine, The Gents’ Journal, is to keep the modern gentlemen informed about the latest in men’s fashions, grooming options, and up-to-date hair and beards’ patterns and techniques.

Beards have always, not only been considered synonyms of personal styles, but, also, have afforded the wearers a certain cutting edge appearance - this is one of the reasons why so many men, as of late, are choosing to let their beards grow. Of course, in addition, there is the fact that giving the skin in your face a break from shaving, for any amount of time, is not just a good idea, but a...

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If you are among those who seem perfectly satisfied with a plain and simple shave every morning, performed with a single blade shaver and shaving cream from an aerosol can, do not fret - you are part of the great majority of males, who do not require much fanfare to accomplish their daily grooming ritual. However, to successfully finish your morning routine, in the “nick” of time, does requi...

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From long ago, beards have been an inseparable complement to male fashion. Specially during the cold wintry months, modern men have begun to grow facial hair in large dimensions, as did their grandfathers, to revive a sense of vintage and a new more masculine image, away from the metrosexual tendencies so prevalent as of late.

But when the hot days of summer arrive, with their high te...

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