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Welcome to Well Groomed Gentleman

E stablished in 2014, the Well Groomed Gentleman is an all-in-one barbershop and spa lounge, the realization of the vision of its owner and President, Al Maulini. Al knows the value of personal presentation and excellence, and for years has been a consumer of expert professional barbers, spas and personal grooming services. He noted that in most of the world's sophisticated cities, a gentleman could address his personal grooming needs at any prestigious locale, where hairstyling to hot-lather straight-razor shave, to hand and foot care, as well as, spa services, such as facial and skin care, are available from expert, licensed professionals.

His belief that most other high-performing men, in Greater Miami, shared his sense for the importance of always looking and feeling their best, and the notable absence of such establishments in our area, gave birth to the Well Groomed Gentleman

So, if you are seeking a great barbershop in Miami Dade County, with the best haircuts and with an excellent policy to personal service, be good to yourself and pay Well Groomed Gentleman a visit! As you step into our exquisitely decorated Salon, you will feel right at home as you are offered a complimentary drink from our full bar while you sit back and relax waiting for your service to start. Then, our expert staff will begin to work with you to craft the perfect hairstyle or shave, or soothe your sore muscles to help you relax and unwind. Once you become a well groomed gentleman, you will never want to visit any other hair salon in the world.

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Welcome to the best grooming memberships in the business. The Premier Membership and the Executive Membership! Our memberships were created to make sure that you receive not only great service, but also great value. There is a menu of services with numerous combinations that you can utilize on a monthly basis for only $65.00/$55.00 per month. You will receive this menu on a separate form. These memberships are billed in recurring payments, in one of three formats: monthly, quarterly or annually. If you choose to be billed annually, (which is our best value) then you will receive an additional month of service, FREE!

Barber Shop Coral Gables

130 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

(786) 362-6360

The Gents Journal

We, at Well Groomed Gentleman, are creating a special place for our most inquisitive clients where they can find all sorts of helpful information and ideas as to the latest trends, caretaking tips, and various haircut styles for men. Make sure to visit our Youtube Channel and view our current videos of the most popular haircut styles, skillful shaves and beard trims, soothingly beneficial facial treatments, and many more masterfully performed services at our exceptional barbershop in Coral Gables. Or you may choose to peruse through our first article on modern beards, where we feature “ten different styles of beards”.

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